Antti-Jussi Oravainen

Hi, and welcome to my portfolio page! I'm a game developer, currently living in Kajaani and studying at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK).

My dream is to expand my knowledge on how to merge art and code to create truly unique experiences.

Skills & strengths

Game engines
  • Unity
    • Where most of my development experience comes from.
    • I'm familiar with the engine all around; scripting in C#, asset importing, complex animation systems, lighting, physics, user interfaces etc.
  • Unreal Engine
    • Small amount of experience, one published game.
    • I'm familiar with scripting in C++ and Blueprint, asset importing, material/shader creation, semi-complex animation systems etc.
  • GameMaker Studio
    • Where my developer's journey began.
  • Blender
    • I'm familiar with the whole process of creating 3D models.
    • My preferred role is helping with the technical side of things; rigging, facial animations etc.
  • Substance Designer & Painter
    • I can handle the basics of texturing and procedural texture creation, and understand how the PBR workflow works.
  • Photoshop
    • I'm familiar with most of the tools available.
  • Illustrator
    • I've worked with icon and logo designs for a few projects.
Scripting languages
  • C#
    • Many published games created with Unity and C#.
  • C++
    • Some experience through Unreal Engine.
  • JavaScript
    • Experiments with networking between Unity clients and Node.js server.
    • Somewhat familiar with asyncronous programming.
  • Version control
    • I've used Git for many projects.
  • Linux
    • I've built many Linux-based servers as a hobby for games, cloud services etc.
  • "Jack of all trades"
    • I can quickly learn new skills across all areas of software and game development!

What I'm currently working on

Power Mage

by Team Ukkosstruck

Role in development: Physics and AI programmer

Fight your way through the evil Lizard King's castle, discovering powerful spells as you go further!

Previous projects

List is sorted by most recent projects first.


by Time Dilation

Role in development: Technical artist, score system programmer

Slow time down to your advantage in this cyberpunk-themed beat 'em up!

Raised By You

Role in development: 3D modeler (monster models), UI artist

Feed, grow and do multiple activities with a pet monster!


by Team Infinite Heartburn

Role in development: UI artist, logo designer

Punch your way through countless dirty pigs to help your grandma!

Sadly, this game never got released due to numerous technical issues during development.

Pueo: Adventure

by Owl Valley Team

Role in development: UI and animation artist

An adventure platformer full of obstacles and hazards. You can jump! You can run! You can die! Collect everything to unlock new masks!